Our Vision

At Rocksalt our aim is to cook the best ingredients as simply as possible in order to let the quality of the produce shine through.

We have created an informal yet smart dining space as well as a stylish bar to while away the afternoon or party in the evening. When designing the building we had a very clear vision of what we wanted Rocksalt to become, and that was an environment to suit everyone’s needs.

With stunning views over the harbour and out into the English Channel, Rocksalt serves the freshest fish possible caught from local day boats throughout the year, as well as the best quality meat bred in the surrounding countryside and marshlands. We want to become an integral part of our environment, and this is why we do our very best to source everything as locally as we can. We are a proud Kentish restaurant and we are surrounded with an abundance of amazing produce, from food and drink to rapeseed oil and butter. Quality, locality, sustainability and provenance are words which really mean something to us at Rocksalt and we do our very best to uphold these values. Our aim is to build an outstanding reputation, become a great local restaurant for local people and carve out a place within Folkestone's heritage.